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The Road Less Traveled

We left West Yellowstone and went to Canyon, then down into Hayden Valley where we watched a fox and took some incredible landscape photos. We then went back to see the Lower Falls with the green and blue ice and then made our way back into Hayden.

We spotted more foxes, several swans, Golden Eye ducks, bison, and coyote hunting for whatever they hunt for.  We spent about 2 hours in Hayden Valley. After visiting Mud Volcano and Dragons mouth we headed to Fishing Bridge for Lunch.

Driving past the Lake left us in awe of the stark winter beauty that is Yellowstone in Winter.  It is awesome to think the Lake has 3-4 feet of ice and another 3-4 feet of snow. After making several necessary photographic stops, we visited West Thumb Geyser basin and headed up and over Craig Pass to Kepler Cascades.  Some great photos at the Continental Divide too.

The bison are out in force between Old Faithful and West Yellowstone.  Two separate times we confronted bison on the road.  When you are on a snowmobile, they seem to grow a few feet.  One small herd of 12 or so didn’t budge after we rode up to them to pass. The one in front of me (only a few feet away) just perked her ears and wouldn’t move. It is important in situations such as these that you remain seated on the sled as they understand and are comfortable with vehicles. It is the flailing arms and legs of humans that frighten them.  After backing up to pull around they moved off to the side (barely).

Soon after this encounter, we came across two large bulls that cared nothing about us. One of them being the largest bison I have ever seen. His head seemed to be larger than my Yamaha Venture snowmobile. As we scooted past just feet away, I was glad they are vegetarians – I might have been an appetizer.

Topping off a phenomenal trip, we spotted a bison carcass along the Madison River with a coyote feeding on the left over’s. Makes you appreciate nature at a different level.

If you want to have an adventure that you will never forget, give us a call. If you are an experienced rider, ask for the Road-Less-Traveled tour. It is Yellowstone the way it was meant to be.


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