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Every visit is like the first!

The most amazing thing about Yellowstone National Park is that no matter how many times you visit, every trip is like the first time.

I am fortunate that as I live just ¼ mile from the West Entrance in West Yellowstone, and work as a part time guide for SeeYellowstone, I have been into Yellowstone more times than I could possibly remember.

But every visit is a new adventure – a new experience or wildlife sighting that I hadn’t experienced before.

It’s not just season on season changes that make it so different, although it is true that if haven’t seen Yellowstone in winter, then you haven’t seen Yellowstone, but every day offers something different. Whether it is a new wildlife sighting, discovering a new hike or witnessing a different Geyser exploding into life, the park truly does have a new experience for every visit.

Last Saturday, on my latest visit was a perfect example.  I took my youngest daughter for a drive to Old Faithful. About 6 miles into the park is an eagles nest, that a pair of Bald Eagles usually return to year after year. As we approached, my daughter grabbed her binoculars anticipating seeing the nesting Bald Eagles.  Sure enough, there was a bird in the nest “there it is” I said, but on closer review it was obviously not a Bald Eagle. We drove by and stopped just past the nest – Perhaps it was just a branch sticking up in the nest? “No. It’s head is moving” my daughter exclaimed. So we got out and had a closer look, and sure enough, it was a bird, but not an Eagle protecting it’s eggs – but a Canada Goose, sat up surveying the area from his lofty perch and looking very pleased with himself!

It is these unexpected sightings and experiences that make every trip unique. And is the reason that I will never grow tired of visiting Yellowstone National Park.

I wonder what will happen next time I go?

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